• Humans are created in The image of God.

  • God is the source of our being and the inspiration of our design.
  • Humans have the Capacity to Love and The gift of free will.
  • We are fearfully and wonderfully made Therefore all lives are sacred.

  • Humans have the gift of free will. This is what separates us from all other creatures.
  • We each Have a purpose and a calling.

  • We each have unique gifts we can share with the world and use to help one another.
  • Humans are all unique and special.
  • Humans are composed of body, soul, and spirit.
  • We are equally capable of good and evil.
  • To do good is to love one's self and the other.
  • Love, Joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self control make up the goodness in human nature.
  • To do evil is to harm one's self, another, or nature.
  • It is up to us to choose to live moral lives.
  • The Bible serves as a moral guidebook in our life journey.
  • The after life serves as a reward or punishment for how we chose to live our lives.

The title given to the supreme being. The only deity in the Judeo-Christian faith (what does the bible say about God?)
A member of the Homo sapien species. Possess 46 chromosomes; a person.
The belief that the universe and everything in it did not come out of nothing but has divine origin
In science-A carbon based organism that has the ability to undergo cellular respiration or photosynthesis
In spiritualism-The breath provided by the creator
5.Free will
The ability to reason and choose between good and evil; moral compass
An intense feeling of deep affection
7.Immortal Soul
The essence of an individual; personality
The mortal vessel of a soul and spirit in the material world
The piece of God within all; life
10.After Life
The concept of a world beyond the material experienced after death
The perfect utopia which is the abode of God and reward for those who live righteously
The abode of the devil and final destination of those who lived immoral lives. A place of isolation and sorrow
The moral guidebook of Christians. Contains 66 books divided into the New and Old Testament which include poetry, history, and parables
The religious text of Jews; the Old testament
The prophesied saviours of the Jews and the world. Jews believed he would be a king who would rescue them from oppression and Christians believe he is Jesus
Doing what is right
Subjective in terms of secularist view. In Christianity goodness is doing what is in accordance to what God says is right
Subjective in terms of secularist view. In Christianity, evil is going against what God says is right
The Lines drawn between good and evil
The good qualities in human nature
22.Fruit of the spirit
The 9 concepts that define goodness
23.7 deadly sins
The 7 concepts that initiate sin
Defining personal conservative beliefs as good
Defining morality as blurry and always changing