Feminist View


Despite what most people believe, Feminism is not about 'man-hating'. It is a philosophy that promotes equality between genders. Even in 2014, women often receive lower pay than males in the same occupation and struggle to achieve higher power positions within their workplace. Males and females alike can be feminist, and there have been many famous feminists of either gender.

For example, Plato is regarded as a feminist because he believed women deserved the right to education as much as men did. He also believed that the soul and reasoning of a person (no matter which gender) is more important than the body.

An example of a misogynist, or anti-feminist was Aristotle, who believed that women were incapable of reason. He thought that they were like children and could not share in reasoning, so they should report to and serve men. Therefore, if you believe women and men are equal, you're a feminist!

Many parts of our culture stem from a patriarchy. For example, almost every religion in the world is patriarchal. The Jewish faith and the Christian faith are fundamentally sexist because of their integration of rational view. These views argue that women are more passive than men and driven by their feelings. Men are supposedly emotionless, logical thinkers and are motivated by rationality. This way of thinking believes that reasoning, a 'male trait' is better than emotion, which is a 'female trait' and this is why it is fundamentally sexist. Does this mean that all Jewish and Christian people are sexist? Absolutely not! In fact, there is an easy way to overcome this engrained male bias- to accept that both traits are used by both sexes and are equally important!

Feminism is all about equality between the sexes. For ages, men and women alike have protested and fought for the social, political and cultural rights and freedoms of women. Even in the past 100 years, we as a culture have progressed immensely. The fact that women can vote, have a career, run a country and have the same rights and freedoms (for the most part as men) is fantastic and something to be proud of. However, this is not nearly enough. In other parts of the world, the gap between men and women in terms of pay and opportunity are extremely wide. Women are still oppressed and denied basic access to education, which in turn leaves a society in the dark. Even in our own society, there are still barriers to equality such as the Gender Pay Gap and the Glass Ceiling. If the world were to embrace women as equals, I believe that many third world countries could break out of the cycle of poverty because women would finally be granted the access to basic needs and education they deserve.

In conclusion, Feminism is modern, progressive and the way of the future. Equality for all!

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